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Payment Options

Patient Financing

Price of Laser Refractive Surgery

The price of laser refractive surgery depends on where you have this procedure done, the type of procedure (PRK, LASIK, etc.), and the type of laser and/or software used.

In determining a fee for this procedure, clinics take into account administrative costs, maintenance costs, pre and post-operative time spent with the patient, as well as post-operative medications. Some clinics may include the pre and post-operative time in their fee for the procedure, others may not.

If a clinic updates their equipment and/or software on a frequent basis they need to recover these costs, and this may result in a higher fee. The LASIK procedure is more expensive because it requires more equipment (i.e. disposable blades).

Despite all of the above factors, prices are sometimes reduced because of stiff competition or price wars within a certain area. The question of price should be asked directly of the prospective clinic.

Clinics can be contacted directly by visiting our Worldwide Directory.

Payment Options

Laser refractive surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure and generally is not covered by medical insurance. Some clinics offer payment options or have arrangements with financing companies to assist you with payment of the procedure.

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