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London Place Eye Centre, Inc. - New Westminster, Prince George
Dr. James R. Miller and Dr. Raymond Hollands

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Dr. James R. Miller, MD, FRSC(C)
Dr. Raymond Hollands, MD, FRSC(C)


MD, FRCS(C), Refractive Surgeons.
Licensed to practice in British Columbia, Canada.
Treatment Procedures:
"No Touch"
TM laser vision correction for all refractive errors. Wavefront custom treatment available. Laser Presbyopia Reversal (LAPR), LTK (Holmium laser) for virtually all degrees and types.

Equipment Used:
VISX Star S4 with 3D ActiveTrak, Tracey Ray Tracer, VISX Wavescan, Sunrise Holmium, Surgilight Optivision.
Myopia: Virtually all degrees to -15.00 Diopters

Hyperopia: Virtually all degrees to +6.00 Diopters

Astigmatism: -7.00 Diopters including hyperopic cyl

Presbyopia: up to +2.50 (Readers)
918 - 12th Street,
New Westminster, BC V3M 6B1
Phone: (604) 526-2020     Fax: (604) 526-8887

Web Site:
455 Quebec Street,
Prince George, BC V2L 3L2      
Toll Free: 1-877-234-7483
(250) 562-1733    Fax: (250) 662-8885
This practitioner has provided evidence that they are licensed to practice medicine, ophthalmology and laser vision correction in their area. It is your responsibility to review the professional qualifications of this practitioner and to determine that he/she is qualified and licensed to perform the treatment procedures intended. We make no warrantees in this regard.
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