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London Vision Clinic - Dr. Dan Reinstein, London, England, United Kingdom
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Dr. Dan Reinstein

Dr. Reinstein is a Consultant Ophthalmologist in the UK, board certified in the USA and Canada and specializes in Corneal and Refractive Surgery.
He is licensed to practice in the UK, Canada and the USA.

Dr. Reinstein has performed well over 7000 LASIK
procedures, with an independently analyzed
outstanding outcomes and safety record,
and regularly teaches his techniques
to surgeons internationally.

As he noticed his patients found it  difficult to discover which clinics provide truly expert surgeons, he wrote the UK Guide to Laser Eye Surgery. The Guide covers the five key areas critical to patient success: safety, technology, expertise, experience, and of course: results.

The UK Guide to Laser Eye Surgery is available on his website:

Professor Reinstein has attained the highest level of expertise
to practice laser vision correction in the UK.

According to the February 2003 issue of Health Which? Magazine, Dan Reinstein is one of very few ophthalmologists working in the UK who is a fellowship-trained specialist refractive surgeon. Dr. Reinstein is medical director of the London Vision Clinic, assistant professor of clinical ophthalmology at Cornell University in New York and professor of ophthalmology at the University of Paris. He was medical director of a chain of more than 30 laser surgery clinics in the US and Canada.

Dr. Reinstein told Health Which?:

"LASIK is extraordinarily safe in fully trained hands, but even average surgeons can still get it right 90 per cent of the time. There is a marked difference between expert and just experienced surgeons. Expert surgeons are better equipped to avoid complications even if they have not previously seen them. And when these do occur, trained experts will have the knowledge and ability to correct them."

Treatment Procedures: We are safety and complication specialists for Wavefront LASIK and PRK. We have a full range of top of the line diagnostic equipment including the WASCA Workstation, with the highest resolution wavefront aberrometer and the TOSCA Workstation, with topographic guided diagnosis. Both workstations permit customized ablation procedures to be precisely calculated in advance, and applied seamlessly to the cornea through the excimer laser.

On top of these world-class tools, Dr. Reinstein has led the development and use of the Artemis VHF digital ultrasound scanner that for the first time can provide thickness measurement of individual corneal layers to within one micron precision. This enables the most accurate determination of corneal thickness, one of the most important long term safety elements of LASIK. The Artemis is the only system that provides 3D anatomy of the individual layers of the cornea after surgery to maximize diagnostic accuracy.
Range of Treatment: Full range of diopters (prescriptions) for astigmatism, myopia (shortsight), and hyperopia (longsight) and presbyopia (reading glasses).

Type of Laser Equipment: Carl Zeiss Meditec MEL80

Vision Clinic

8 Devonshire Place
London, England UK

(020) 7224 1005
(020) 7224 1055
Web Site:

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