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Dr. Frank J. Goes, Antwerp, Belgium
Dr. Frank J. Goes
MD. International Belgian representative at ISRS "The International Society of Refractive Surgery". International Consultant for Zeiss Meditec AG, responsible for training courses in LASIK for Zeiss.
Dr. Goes has performed over 10,000 Excimer laser, 4,000 PRK, and 6,000 LASIK procedures. Dr Goes has also performed Refractive Lensectomies on over 500 eyes,
and Phakic IOL's on over 200 using the Artisan/Verisyse IOL.
Treatment Procedures:
Dr. Goes performs Excimer laser surgery, PRK, LASIK, LASEK, and Cataract surgery.

Equipment Used: Zeiss Meditec Mel 80 Excimer Laser

Range of Treatments and Correction:
Up to -10.00 Diopters
Up to +6.00 Diopters
Up to 6.00 Diopters
Dr. Frank J. Goes
Willem Klooslaan 6,
Antwerp 2050, Belgium

Web Site:

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