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Dr. Michael W. Belin, Dr. Robert L. Schultze - TLC Laser Eye Centers- Albany, New York
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Michael W. Belin, MD, FACS
Dr. Michael Belin photoNamed as one of the "Top 50 Refractive Surgeons"
Professor and Director of Refractive Surgery -Albany Medical College. Medical Director - TLC Laser Eye Centers. Consultant - VISX, LaserSight, and the FDA. Licensed to practice in New York, USA.
Robert L. Schultze, MD FACS
Dr. Michael Belin photoAssociate Professor of Ophthalmology - Albany Medical College. Associate Medical Director - Lions Eye Bank, Albany. Medical Director - TLC Laser Eye Centers. FDA Clinical Study Investigator. Licensed to practice in New York, USA.
Treatment Procedures:
Drs. Belin and Schultze will perform PRK and LASIK with the VISX S2 and Lasersight scanning. Dr. Belin and Dr. Schultze will be happy to provide you with a second opinion if you have already consulted with another physician/clinic.
Range of Treatment: Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism - All ranges of diopters.
TLC Laser Eye Centers
Eight Southwoods Boulevard Suite #100
Albany, New York 12211-2351

Phone: (518) 598-0202
Fax: (518) 598-1454
Web Site:


Phone Toll Free: 1-866-465-2020
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